Community Manager

Community Manager
Posted 2 years ago

JOB SUMMARY: The COMMUNITY MANAGER is responsible for managing operations and maximizing financial value of an assigned apartment community. This position oversees personnel, marketing, leasing, collections, resident relations, resident retention, customer service, community maintenance, contracted services, capital improvements, administration, reporting, community and employee safety, and legal compliance. This includes achieving the financial and operational goals. The COMMUNITY MANAGER leads on-site staff to ensure a sufficient flow of revenue by leasing a high percentage of apartment units at the optimum rates while maintaining each apartment unit and the property grounds at a functional and high aesthetic level and controlling expenses.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Leadership • Supervises all on-site staff, including hiring, training, supervision, and corrective measures. • Determines productivity standards of each staff member and communicates these standards with the goal of maximizing property performance and individual success; evaluates performance of these standards for individual staff members and makes resulting compensation decisions. • Provides professional and positive leadership to team members. • Resolves resident issues or delegates them to staff members to resolve.
• Performs the tasks of subordinate associates as needed, including leasing units and making units ready for leasing. • Meets with RVP’s and Regional Maintenance, Landscape, and Sales and Marketing Directors for advice, assistance, and direction in community improvements. • Meets with staff individually and in group meetings to communicate information and company news, to ensure that directives and goals are mutually understood, and to receive feedback and discussion; tracks individual performance by monitoring common standards. • Receives training as needed for job-related topics. Assures that associates follow policies and safety rules; complies with policies for reporting incidents. • Plans, executes, and attends social and other community events for residents.

FINANCIAL • Establishes and monitors the property budget on a daily basis in accordance with established goals; keeps expenses in line with the budget. • Works to achieve maximum performance based upon annual goals to increase revenue and other income. • Ensures that all applicable deposits, rents, and other fees and ancillary revenues are collected and deposited. • Submits bills to be paid timely. Prepares reports as required. • Purchases necessary equipment and supplies for the community.

MARKETING • Assists in determining the optimum rent based on market conditions and the level of rent concessions, if any. • Participates, approves, and manages marketing efforts to increase occupancy. • Uses a lease expiration board to plan for lease renewal management and to reduce the effects of large seasonal expirations. • Review marketing efforts to determine effectiveness.

MAINTAINS COMMUNITY • Interacts closely with the service team to manage property maintenance programs including promptly and courteously responses to resident requests for maintenance, providing an adequate supply of market ready apartments to meet the leasing efforts, and ensuring property appearance meets or exceeds site standards. • Inspects the community regularly to determine the quality of the physical property, and to assess and identify needs. • Inspects maintenance repairs and available units for readiness. May inspect recently vacated units to assess needed repairs and replacement. • Monitors, inspects, and assesses the community landscape and other physical entities to identify and control or eliminate potential safety hazard and concerns and to ensure quality aesthetics in exterior parts of the community.

• Conduct all business in accordance with Company Policies and Procedures, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and all other laws pertaining to apartments.
• Performs any additional duties assigned by Director of Operations.

Position requires at least three years’ experience in property management. Must have advanced computer knowledge.
Work Hours
40 hours per week that may include holidays or weekends.

• Stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of the day. Estimate 50% of time is spent on feet and 50% sitting at desk.
• Have frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform physical activities:
Bend/Stoop/Squat Pick up litter, filing
Climb Stairs Show and inspect property
Push and Pull Inspect and show property, open and close doors, cabinets
Reach Above Shoulders Inspect property, store/receive supplies or packages
• Constant need to (66% to 100% of the time) to perform the following activities:
Writing/Typing Corporate, inter-office, resident communications
Grasping/Turning Telephone, doorknob use
Finger dexterity Operation of office equipment
• Lifting/Carrying (paperwork, deliveries, files, miscellaneous):
Over 25 lbs. Rare need (less than 1% of the time)
20lbs-25lbs Occasional need (1% to 33% of the time)
Less than 20 lbs. Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time)
Under 10lbs. Constant need (66% to 100% of the time)

• Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to complete forms, read and review reports, wide variety of correspondence, view computer screen. Frequent need to see small details and computer screens.
• Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to see things clearly beyond arm’s reach (inspecting property, neighborhood surveys).

• Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over the telephone and in person with vendors, corporate office staff, residents and prospects.

• Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over the telephone and in person.

• Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to utilize personal transportation to inspect apartments, property and surrounding neighborhood, make trips to the bank and courthouse.
• Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.
• Must be able to properly operate a golf cart.

• Indoors (66% to 100% of the time); frequently outdoors, all conditions (33% to 66% of the time).
• Occasional exposure to caustics, solvents, oils, fumes, flammables, pesticides, etc. (Less than 10% of the time).

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