About Us

GVA Real Estate Group is an Austin-based vertically integrated real estate company committed to creating value in the multi-family real estate sector. GVA specializes in conventional as well as affordable opportunities, paying particular attention to expanding sub-markets. Through owning and managing a diverse set of assets, GVA accomplishes the challenging feat of simultaneously mitigating risk while tapping into market upside.

At GVA we are detail-oriented and meticulous in our culture. Equipped with a keen sense of evolving trends, we are able to consistently identify opportunities that yield profit and produce long-term value. Our directive is to add value, improve communities, while increasing investor’s equity returns safely. Efficiency, innovation, growth and care, these are the core qualities that strengthen the foundation of all that we do at GVA.

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Corpus Christi

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Investment Strategy

At GVA, our investment strategy is simple: find opportunities that can yield above market cash flow once stabilized while generating capital appreciation in the short and long term. GVA has the experience to quickly recognize opportunities and long standing relationships with capital sources to effectively close on properties in a timely manner. GVA is able to utilize our existing property management team to recognize operational inefficiencies and maximize investor returns. The GVA team believes multi-family residents appreciate and will pay for modern style at affordable prices, close proximity to jobs and school, and well-maintained complexes with curb appeal. Once in place, you create long term value while mitigating investor downside risk, while improving communities.

We evaluate investment opportunities and select those possessing the most of the following characteristics:

  • Significant discount to replacement cost
  • Repositioning through capital value-add programs
  • Off-market or limited marketed transactions
  • Growing and emerging growth sub-markets
  • Absent owners missing market trends
  • Operational efficiencies with our dedicated property management team

Investment Team


Alan Stalcup

Eric Lodge
Acquisitions Analyst

Michael Oberrender
Transactional Manager

Graham Bass
Asset Manager

Sean Davy
Asset Manager

Property Management


Alan Stalcup

Shonna Marquis
VP of Marketing and Training

Brooke Willis
National Disposition Director

Laura Smith
Regional Vice President

Tina Hinson
Regional Supervisor

Dennis Richardson
Area Service Manager

David Ramirez
Area Service Manager

Scott Frazier

Property Management

Creating an exceptional living experience…one resident at a time

GVA Property Management is a leader in the multi-family industry by providing quality-living and memorable experiences for our residents. By combining thoughtfully designed interiors with attention to detail and amenities tailored for your lifestyle with superior customer service.

A result-oriented company who invests not only in our assets, but also our team members providing a company culture that encourages balance, development and growth.


Demonstrating a genuine passion to show up every day with a can-do attitude, being mindful of our choices and the overall impact we have on every resident. Everyday.


Conducting our business with honesty, transparency and a commitment to be better today than we were yesterday. Everyday.


Having a thoughtful approach and taking time to listen, applying consideration and attention to every situation. Everyday.



Possessing honesty and integrity; honest with ourselves and those we interact with in every way. Everyday.


Above all; respect for our residents, our teammates, our business partners and ourselves. To appreciate diversity in everyone. Everyday.


Community Outreach


Not only do we add much needed capital to improve our communities – play grounds, repair roofs, buildings, and parking lots. We eliminate mold, security, and pest issues, and beautify the property with landscaping, signage, paint, and interior improvements. We also provide needed social services through community partners like Mount Nebo Austin and Kids-U.org.

Below are some of the services we provide to our communities:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Attainable Living
  • Free After School Tutoring
  • Christian Mentoring and Development
  • Onsite Preschool Care

We also support many global initiatives – Austin Samaritans, African Children’s Choir, Work For Life, and Mercy Child Care.

Our passion is not just about real estate, but the people; those who reside at GVA properties and the team members that oversee them. Ultimately, we want to make a longer lasting impact to every project we commit to.